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Nurse in Restaurant Hears Screaming in Restroom. She Did Not Expect What Was Behind That Door.



For licensed practicing nurse April Jones, being in the right place at the right time is more than just a phrase, it’s an experience. Jones was having breakfast with her mom, Nancy, in the McDonald’s where her mom is a cashier in Sarasota, FL, on Saturday when she began hearing screaming.

April explained, “I looked around and the screams were coming from the bathroom. Next thing I see her husband running to the bathroom. He said, ‘She’s pregnant.’” Jones ran forward after the woman’s husband and entered the women’s bathroom. There she found an 8-month-pregnant woman, Cathy Jordan, sprawled on the floor with her baby ready to come out.

April immediately threw her jacket onto the floor, put some gloves on, and went into emergency response mode. “I put on gloves really quick. She is dilating really, really fast, and so, the baby’s head is popped out, now. And I see the cord is around the baby’s neck.” April said. “She pushed, then pushed again and the baby was out.

At first, he was blue and not breathing. That’s when the paramedics came.” She added. “I was scared for her life and the baby’s life,” said Cathy’s husband, Sean Jordan. A McDonald’s employee supervised their toddler son while he rushed to his wife’s side. “When April came in and told me she was a nurse we were relieved,” Cathy said. “She was amazing.”

After a short while,Parker Jordan, born a month early, began to breathe on his own. Both mother and child were taken to the hospital for observation and treatment, leaving April very proud over the thrill of assisting new life enter the world. “I was put there at that location at that time by God to bring this baby into the world,” April stated.

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