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Older Couple Celebrate Their 100th Birthdays Ahead Of Their 80th Wedding Anniversary



An older couple who were born four days apart celebrated their 100th birthdays together and will soon celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary.

Billy and Nellie Johns from Savannah, Georgia, celebrated their social-distanced-100th birthday together at their home.

Friends and family came together and helped to decorate the front lawn of their home which they have owned since 1958. They also arranged a drive-by parade to congratulate the older couple.

Mrs. Jones told WJCL 22 News: “Very very loved, for somebody to do all this work. I’m speechless too, not speechless that they love but that somebody would go through all this trouble.”

Making it to 100 was not an easy journey for Billy and Nellie. The couple has seen a lot change around them over the last 100 years, but one thing has remained the same; their love for each other.

“We haven’t changed,” said Mr. Jones.

Billy disclosed to WJCL News on how he met his lovely wife.

“I said ‘Who is that?’ and ‘Oh that’s Nellie Zipperer, she’s in my class. Would you like to meet her?’ So he turned the car around and introduced me to Nellie Zipperer,” he said. “The same girl as a teenager in high school and marrying and staying with her for 79 years, can’t beat that.”

Billy and Nellie are blessed with three sons, six grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.



“100 years of just love and honor and character that they’ve taught us,” said Anne Jones of spending time with her in-laws in early August.

Friends and neighbors drove by and honked their congratulations and wished them all the best while the immediate family was able to get together at the house.

Below is a video of Billy and Nellie’s birthday parade. Be sure to enjoy and SHARE the video.

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