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Outrage as Teacher Tells 5 Year Old Cancer Survivor That She Can’t be Pretty if She’s Bald.



A substitute teacher in Pennsylvania has caused a major uproar after she told a five year old girl, who is also a cancer survivor that she couldn’t be pretty bald. The incident happened on Friday at the Wylandville Elementary School in Gambles. The little girl, MaKayla Welsh, was playing with some of the hairs on her head when the teacher called her out in front of the whole class.

Speaking to WPXI, MaKayla’s mom,Nicole Welsh,said, “It did bother her that she was losing her hair again. It bothered her to the point she didn’t want to go to school when it was all gone. The teacher thought she was pulling her hair out… The teacher told her if she was bald, she wouldn’t be pretty.”

Two years ago, MaKayla was diagnosed with leukemia, but she is currently in remission, though her hair continues to fall out because of the chemotherapy she had gone through during treatment.

When MaKayla got home that day, she immediately told her mom what her teacher had said to her, and she called the school to complain to the principal and superintendent.Mrs Welsh says that the administrators were understanding and promised she’d never go through anything like that again.

She added, “Be careful on how you word things to children… Words can hurt a lot more than anything else. They can stick with you forever.” The school administration then had MaKayla’s class watch a video on what she was going through. After the film, Mrs. Welsh says MaKayla’s class ‘rallied around and hugged her and the little girl was excited and couldn’t wait to go to school.

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