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Owners Rush Their Pregnant Dog To Vet Not Knowing The Size Of Its Litter Would Break Records



A dog is one of the best pets any human would love to have. They provide us with a sense of emotional wellbeing and they also offer great company and comfort.

One family from Australia was overjoyed when they learned that their dog was pregnant.

They had had their dog Shadow since she was a pup and the idea of having more little pups was incredible!

As time passed by, Shadow got very big. Of course, it’s normal for dogs to get big during pregnancy. But Shadow was way bigger than other pregnant dogs they had seen before.

The family thought that maybe Shadow had big puppies or she was carrying a lot of puppies, but they had to wait to find out.

Shadow goes to labor

When Shadow went into labor, she gave birth to three puppies but the other puppies wouldn’t come out. The family quickly realized that something was wrong with the birth and they rushed Shadow to the vet.

The vet performed a c-section on Shadow and there were 18 more puppies in her womb.

The vet extracted all the puppies but sadly three of them did not survive.
The surviving puppies were later taken to Shadow’s home where they can be looked after the owners.

Shadow’s big family was able to take care of the puppies and after a few weeks, they got stronger and started eating solids.

However, feeding the puppies was not an easy task. The family had to feed six puppies every two hours. Keeping track of which puppies had and hadn’t fed was quite hard. But with time, they were able to differentiate individual puppies.

As per reports, Shadow broke the Australian record for giving birth to the most puppies in Australia.

The current Guinness World Records holder is a dog called Tia who gave birth to 24 puppies on 29th November 2004.

Shadow’s family will continue to look after the pups until they are old enough to be adopted.

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