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Pentatonix’s Cover of John Lennon’s Classic Is Putting Tears In Everyone’s Eyes!



John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” is a very popular song across the world. In a spin off version of the song, Pentatonix puts their own touch to it creating a cover of the original with a powerful message that everyone can take to heart! The extremely talented group’s voices together with the touching lyrics of the song make for one of the most stunningly powerful renditions of the song, that tags at the deepest heartstrings of anyone who listens to it.
“Imagine” was first written by Lennon in May 1971.

Lennon revealed that he got inspiration for “Imagine” from envisioning a world with only peace, and with no division among people. Since it’s release, “Imagine” has been covered by a good number of singers and groups hoping to share the same message of love and peace, such is the case with Pentatonix’s powerful version! Here is the amazing performance.


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