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People Are Freaking Out Over Ed Sheeran’s 2-Year-Old Doppelgänger.



World famous musician, Ed Sheeran, has a two year old doppelgänger and its freaking the internet out.  Photos of two year old Isla Watson, from Exeter,England, were shared on Twitter on Saturday 18 March and the resemblance is uncanny. Isla’s mum, Zoe, told DevonLive: “It is completely madness. Everyone has been saying that Isla looks like him for a long time and I never thought anything of it.

So you may wonder, Is Isla an Ed Sheeran fan? Her aunt Stacey tells the Sun Online, why yes, she is. “Everyone comments saying how she’s a mini Ed, and I call her baby Sheeran. She loves his music, tries to sing along to the words and has a dance,” she said.

Isla’s mom even told DevonLive that, because people keep commenting on their semblance, Isla now likes to watch Ed on television. “It was when my sister Stacey put it online that we got loads of comments from people. People have pointed out to her who she looks like and now she likes to watch him on TV.”

We’re just thinking out loud here, but we’re guessing Isla’s favorite song is “Lego House,” or it will be once she’s old enough to play with Legos. Who knows, by then her resemblance to Ed may be even more noticeable if that is even possible!


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