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Photographer Captures Heartbreaking Moments of Twins Bonding Just Before One Dies.



Being a new parent is often filled with special moments, interesting experiences and a roller coaster of emotions. It is even the more intense when its not just one newborn but a set of twins! But gets a little too intense when you learn that one of your babies is sick and wont be able to make it even before you meet them.

This was the situation, Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger, found themselves in when they learnt that one of the fraternal twins Lyndsay was carrying had heart problems. Lindsay learned that William, her baby boy, had heart abnormalities that would mean that William would most likely be stillborn, but it was a truly miraculous day when both William and his twin sister, Reagan, were born alive.

Doctors said that little William could have hours, days, or maybe weeks at most. The lingering question of when their baby would go made it very difficult for his parents. They wanted to treasure any positive moments before their son was gone.

As Mandy Edwards, a family friend, watched the parents cherishing every moment with both babies, she knew those moments needed to be captured.So she reached out to a photographer she knew, and the photographer, Lindsey Brown, who was fully booked for the holidays managed to squeeze in a slot for the family because of how special their case was.

Brown has photographed many newborns before, but she revealed that she was in awe of how perfect the twins appeared. According to CNN, she said, “They were both in the five pound range when I photographed them. William was extremely alert, as if he was trying to take it all in, while little Reagan slept and barely opened her eyes.”

When the parents got the photos, they were overwhelmed. “I cried the first time I looked at them,I still cry sometimes.” Lyndsay said.

Little William held on through Christmas, so his family was able to experience Christmas with both babies, but passed away on the 28th of December 2016, at just eleven days old, leaving his family with the sweetest of memories captured on pictures.

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