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Photographer Captures Post-Wedding Photos With Brides And Their Cats, Amazing!



On your wedding day, you want all your family and the people you love in attendance. Sometimes, our families aren’t just made up of human beings, our pets can play a massive role in our families and especially our relationships, whether you and your partner bonded over a love of pets or think of your puppy/cat as a practice child, so it seems sad for them not to play a role in our weddings. It is because of the same reason that dogs get roped in as ringbearers or brides hand out puppies instead of bouquets.

However, when  it comes to cats, things get a little trickier since cats tend to be a little too independent to bother with tricks and are likely to run off if you try to walk them down the aisle. One photographer from Italy by the name Marianna Zampieri, has come up with a way to get felines involved in the big day, without too much hustle, A post-wedding photoshoot with the bride and their cat. In a viral post she wrote:

“My name is Marianna, I’m from Italy, and I am a professional photographer. I’ve always been a cat lover; and my passion for photography came out when I adopted my cat, Arthur, 5 years ago. The idea of creating post-wedding photo shoots with cats, came to me after I got married, last year.

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Having organized a very intimate ceremony (we married with only our parents and witnesses) there was not even a photographer, so we arranged a series of self-portraits. But, I couldn’t experience the most important day of my life without Arthur, my beloved cat.

So, I took a series of photos with him to capture that moment. In the meantime, a couple of friends had contacted me for the same reason: they were close to marriage and wanted their beloved three cats in the event. They knew it would be very difficult to make beautiful photographs that day; too much emotion, too much confusion and too many people, for animals.

So, a week after the wedding I went to their home to immortalize them in a series of photographs dressed up, as a couple with their cats. On this occasion, all three cats participated with pleasure and fun—as if they had sensed the occasion was important, each in its own way, with its own character.

Perla, the beautiful white cat, had a lot of fun with the various layers of tulle of the wedding dress; we found it always lying on the long train! I now offer this service for all of my clients.”

If you’re getting married soon and want to capture the moment with your cats by your side, you can contact Marianna through her website.