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Power of Prayers: Doctors Can’t Explain How Woman Regained Her Lost Eyesight After Praying.



In 2015, Dafne Gutierrez  went completely blind in both eyes. Doctors told her she had benign intracranial hypertension and would never be able to see again. Doctor Anne Borik explained, “This is a condition where the pressure in the brain is so high that often times it strangulates the optic nerve.

Unfortunately once the blindness has sets in it is irreversible.” Dafne thought that she would never see her children again. She said, “ For me I was like, Okay God, Please let me see those faces again. Let me be their mother again. Because I wasn’t feeling like their mother.”

Despite the doctors diagnosis, Dafne held on to her faith. She turned to the church for help. She prayed and confessed. The next day she was in pain. She said, “ I was just like wiping my eyes, and I was like if they burned they burned.”

In just three days,Dafne’s eyesight was not only back,it was absolutely perfect. Medical experts had no explanation how. Doctor Anne Borik said, “ The rapid recovery is just  something that we can’t explain medically!”

Dafne says when she turned to God and started praying, her body felt different and within the three days, she could see again. Even though it is something that cannot be explained medically, it is clear as day just how much power there is in prayer.

People have called the miraculous recovery an act of divine intervention and an inspiration. Dafne said, “Am telling the people to believe, to have faith. I have been blessed, very blessed and you know, until this point I still ask myself ‘how do you pay God’”


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