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Sassy 2 Year Old Rants About Her First Day Of Preschool in a Hilarious Viral Video.



Two year old Mila Stauffer from Arizona has become popular for her “ranting” YouTube videos and sassy attitude. Now the little girl is back with another complaint and this time it’s about preschool. The child’s mother, Katie Stauffer, shared the hilarious video last week.

In the minute-long clip, Mila, dressed in a princess costume, tells the camera that she wanted to go to law school but was informed by her mom that she was too young. “So yesterday, my mom had some news for me,” Mila says. “She signed me up for preschool. I told her I want to go to law school. She was like, ‘No, Mila. You’re only 2.'”

The sassy toddler rolls her eyes and says she was a little “shook” when she arrived at her school. “The teacher is shady,” she explains. “Kids are insane; throwing staplers, pooping everywhere. But I’m still alive” The little girl, who is a twin, then describes an encounter with a student named Dave.

According to Mila, the teacher had to tell Dave that it was not OK for him to pee on his friends. “So now Dave is triggered, chases her with scissors. It was a mess,” Mila says. “I had to do something. So I yelled nap time. Checkmate.”

Mila’s mom is a popular blogger who often shares adorable videos of Mila and her twin sister, Emma, discussing life … from a child’s perspective. Last month, Mila’s “rant” about Disneyland’s long lines and fake Cinderella castle went viral.

“She’s a little sassy and she loved to act,” Stauffer told Fox 10 during a June interview. “That’s why kept doing them because she likes to do them and it’s just funny to see. Even if we’re telling her what to say, it’s funny to see her, a two-year-old have that emotion.”


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