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School Bus Driver Returns To College and Gets His Teaching Degree after Students Inspire Him



Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. For 30-year-old Clayton Ward, it came to him through his students. The 30-year-old bus driver had his life-changing moment through interactions with the high school students that he carried.

Clayton’s story is a classic. He was working in Tennessee while attending college. He soon realized that juggling between work and class was hectic and burning him out. So he quit school and carried on with his job.

However, when he moved to Massachusetts, he decided to take up a job as a school bus driver. But the fire of finally finishing college still had a flickering ember.


Clayton had a good relationship with the high school kids he carried and would chat with them. He mainly talked to them about history, a subject close to his heart. The students would often remark, “You should be my teacher.” The students soon suggested that he go back to college and finish his degree.

He pondered on the idea and eventually decided that it was worth a try. He had been a college student ten years prior but dropped out. However, he still wanted to be a high school history teacher.

Clayton enrolled in MassBay Community College. He had to juggle between work and college, but the workload was manageable. At college, he did his best and was on the Dean’s student list every semester! Ward was also inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa NHS in MassBay.

Getting the college degree


Juggling work and school weren’t always easy. That is why when COVID-19 happened; it was a welcome relief. He knew that for some time, he only had his school work to think about. In three months, Ward was done with his college education. He did not only complete his studies, but he also excelled!

Armed with his college degree, Ward is now looking forward to completing a bachelor’s degree at Framingham State.

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