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She Was Abandoned At Birth Because She Had No Legs, 16 Years Later She Discovers A Truth That Will Shock You!



Jennifer Bricker was abandoned at a hospital by her biological mother when she realised that she did not have legs. A kind, loving family from a small town adopted her and raised her as their own. from a young age, she was taught the value of pursuing and achieving dreams despite her disability and prior rejection.

In fact, as a rule, nobody was allowed to say the word can’t in their home. Well, the one thing Jennifer always wanted to do was be just like her Olympic gold medalist hero, Dominique Moceanu, so she decided to practice her little tail off to become a world-class gymnast herself.

At seven years old she started to practise with her dad on the trampoline. In no time she was shocking people by surpassing all their expectations, setting bigger goals and smashing right through them.She dove head first into gymnastics, baseball, basketball and literally every sport under the sun!By the time she was in high school, she was named the tumbling champion of the state of Illinois!

But the real shocker here, when Jennifer asked her mom about her biological mother, her answer is not anywhere close to what you would expect!