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She’s Confused When Cop Stops Her For DUI, When She Turns Around Its All a Set Up!



There is nothing that gets your blood rushing quite like getting pulled over by the police. Anyone who has ever had to go through that knows that seeing those flashing lights in your rearview is not exactly a pleasant experience, and the anxiety that comes with it is not something you can look forward to.

It’s even more frustrating when you get pulled over and you have no idea what you did wrong, that’s what Ellen Alexander experienced when she was stopped by police recently.

The officer who stopped her  told her  he suspected she was driving under the influence and  she needed to step out of her car to do some tests. Ellen was frustrated as she had not had any alcoholic drink or anything intoxicating. However, remembering that  her boyfriend, Kevin Bowes, is a deputy with the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station in California, she tried to be respectful and did what she was asked.

The police officer had her touch her fingers to her nose and walk on a line. Then he told her the final test would be for her to do a spin. So she spun around, only to be met with a surprising site, Kevin who had snuck up behind her during the tests,  was kneeling on the ground with  a ring in hand.

“Will you marry me?” Kevin asked.
“I hate you!” Elen told him through laughter and tears as she embraced him.
“Is that a yes?” Kevin asked.
Ellen nodded, flooded with emotions of relief and joy.

The sheriff’s station posted a video of the proposal on their Facebook page along with a congratulatory message for Ellen and Kevin that read: “Congratulations to future Mrs. Deputy Bowes,” they wrote. “She thought she was a suspect DUI driver but it was a traffic stop that forever changed her life.

We are so happy for you, Brother, and thank you for allowing us to be part of this wonderful moment. Welcome to the Tan & Green family, and may you have a wonderful life together!”

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