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Single Dad Adopts Girl With Down Syndrome Rejected By 20 Families



Single Dad Adopts Girl With Down Syndrome Rejected By 20 Families

After being rejected first by her own mother and then by 20 other adoptive families, a little girl found her forever home with a loving dad who loves and accepts her for who she is.

Luca Trapanese’s journey to adopting baby Alba has gone viral for several reasons, but mostly because of the fact that social services often don’t grant custody to a single, homosexual man. Usually, adoption agencies prefer traditional families over those that don’t conform to these characteristics.

However, they chose to make an exception in Luca’s case, granting baby Alba and Luca one of life’s greatest gifts, their own little family.


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I momenti di relax con Alba sono veramente pochi😂😂😂 #alba #nataperte #padre #diversità #single #roma #nuoviamici

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According to the BBC, 41-year-old Luca published a book wherein he recounts his journey to becoming the father of Alba, a girl with Down syndrome.

In an interview, the Italian dad explained that his case is special because it ‘destroys stereotypes about fatherhood, religion and family.’ In Italy, adoptions for homosexual and single parents have always been a complicated issue.

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Luca adopted Alba back in 2017, when she was just 13 days old and had already been rejected by 20 families because she was born with Down Syndrome. But that was not an issue for Luca who adored her from the moment he saw her. In an interview Luca said, “I’m proud to be her father. She was never my second option. I loved her.”

Luca himself had worked in an institution that cares for people with special needs and always wanted to become a father. That was why, despite not having a partner, he decided to go ahead with the adoption of Alba, who now enjoys a happy home with her father.


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Cuori di affetto … Il desiderio di paternità è più essenziale ed è alla radice della paternità biologica. Essere Padre significa generatività, comunicare vita secondo le possibilità di ciascuno. Essere padri ed essere single non sono incompatibili; essere persona omosessuale e paternità essenziale (non biologica) non sono incompatibili. La testimonianza di Luca (che conosco ed è un caro amico) provoca anche la Chiesa Cattolica a non considerare la condizione omosessuale incapace di paternità, in particolare di quella spirituale (cf Istruzione della Congregazione per l’Educazione Cattolica circa i criteri di discernimento vocazionale riguardo alle persone con tendenze omosessuali in vista della loro ammissione al Seminario e agli Ordini sacri) . “Dare la vita” non è fondata sul “bios” ma sulla “zoé” cioè sulla vita radicale e fon(damen)tale. Dio è Padre perché genera non perché c’è una Madre con cui genera. Quando poniamo la relazione (cf generatività) prima della sostanza (uomo e donna) iniziamo a comprendere che “in Cristo non c’è più uomo né donna” (Gal 3,28) ma siamo uno. Amore ed ogni essere “è” perché “ama”. Paolo Gamberini

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Luca reveals that he could not contain his happiness when he finally received the news of approval for adoption. When I held her in my arms, I was filled with joy. I felt she was my daughter right away. I knew that I was ready to be her father.” He said.

BBC reports that Alba is a determined child who can be stubborn on occasion. She playing, dancing and the company of other people.


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Abbiamo la bici porta Alba😊 #alba #estate2019 #Procida #bici #libertà

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Luca is truly a kind man with a heart of gold and thanks to him, little Alba has a home, a family and definitely a lot of love around her. We’re sending love and best wishes to Luca and Alba!