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Single Mom Fighting to Raise Money For Special Cancer Treatment To Save Her Son.



A young boy is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with cancer when he was 13 months old. Now, 3 year old Ayden has stopped responding to treatments and has been put in hospice, but his mom, Lindsey Licari, has not giving up hope on finding treatment for her son. “My fear scares him so I try not to cry, I try to stay positive and think about all the good things that could happen and remind him of the things that make him happy, because that’s the only way you get through it,” Licari said.  Before Lindsey Licari could hear her son talk or watch him walk, she heard from doctors who told her little Ayden had cancer.

“I do it alone I don’t have his dad it’s just me and Ayden so some moms lose their kid and go home to their other kids and their husband, I’ll go home to an empty house, because I’ll have nobody,” she said. Ayden has been battling the rare form of cancer for 2 years. There’s a massive tumor in the plural lining of his lung. He’s gone through three different rounds of chemotherapy

“We tried ICE chemo which is the strongest chemo they got and we got a lot of shrinkage, but then after the second round we were supposed to do surgery to get a little more shrinkage and it backfired and double in size on us,” she said. Ayden is now in home hospice. He can’t walk and cries every night in pain.  Desperate for a way to save her son, Lindsey is raising money to try to give him a special treatment by some of the best doctors in Germany, Boston or Texas.

“Doing car washes fundraisers, standing out on the street like we did today because giving up is not an option for us we’re not going to give up and we are going to keep fighting for my son,” Licari said.

Ayden requires 24/7 care and Lindsey is barely able to make ends meet. She says the support from our community to help fund her little boy’s treatment is giving Ayden a fighting chance. A BBQ fundraiser for Ayden is being held on Sept. 2 at 12 p.m. at Sunset Park. A balloon release ceremony will be held at 9 a.m.  Anyone can help Ayden with donations on his GoFundMe account.

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