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Slain Officer’s Son Receives Teddy Bears Made From His Father’s Uniform.



It’s always devastating to lose a parent or a spouse, but it’s often hard to put into words just how bad the pain can feel. But one St. Louis mom poured her heart out on social media after losing her husband and the father of her child, and her post resonated with tens of thousands of people. In October of last year, Elizabeth Snyder lost her husband Blake, who was a police officer, after he was shot and killed in the line of duty. Blake not only left behind Elizabeth, but also their two year old son Malachi.

Almost two weeks after losing Blake, Elizabeth took to Facebook to share the immense pain she’d been feeling, but also, how Malachi is keeping her going. “This pain that hasn’t subsided, that hasn’t alleviated, is unbearable and unending,” she wrote. “But this child here, he has been the hope in my heartache. He is the reason I get up each day. ”

Elizabeth also mentioned how Malachi had been more “cuddly” and “attached” lately, probably because of how much he missed his dad. To help subside the pain and comfort both of them, the wife of a police officer in Granite, Illinois (and no doubt someone who saw Elizabeth’s post) had two bears made for Malachi from Thea’s Blessing Bears – the sweetest part is that these bears are made out of Blake’s old uniform. “She wanted us to have a piece of Blake with us, always,” Elizabeth Snyder told TODAY Parents.

She thanked their St. Louis, Missouri, community for its love and support, noting, “Because of you, Malachi will ALWAYS know who his father was. Blake will never be forgotten, and Malachi will truly know how much the community loves him and cared for him.”


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