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Do You Ever Wake Up And Can’t Move? This Is Why!



sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a common phenomenon, which is really frightening sometimes. When it happens, one becomes immobilized, can’t make any sound and have a shortness of breath.

However, you are still aware of everything going on around you, and sometimes you may experience some pressure on your chest.

Sleep paralysis is actually not dangerous. It happens when we wake up and it lasts for a couple of seconds. It may also happen when we are falling asleep.

Experts are still not able to found out why this happens, however it has been proven that it occurs when we are shifting through the different sleep stages, or in other words, in and out of REM sleep.

REM (Rapid eye movement) is a process which happens when our body shifts to sleep mode. During this process, we can’t move at all. So, when we wake up during this process, we become aware of the paralysis, but we may also experience some hallucinations, or feel like we’re suddenly falling. It can be really scary, but experts claim that it’s not dangerous.

Some people experience it more than others. It’s most common in people who have experienced trauma, have depression or have disrupted sleep cycles. Also, some people claim it happens because of heredity.

So, what should you do when it happens?

Well, the best thing you can do is not panic. You should always know that it will be over soon and it’s harmless.

If you want to prevent it from happening, here are some things you can do to achieve this:


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