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Some People Are Born With Tiny Holes Above Their Ears – Here This Is Why



Some People Are Born With Tiny Holes Above Their Ears – Here This Is Why

Human bodies are certainly among the most fascinating things in the world. While the whole design of our bodies and how they function is mostly similar there are certain things that always set us apart from each other and highlight our uniqueness.

Take for instance the rare tiny holes (preauricular sinus) that a few people have above their ears!

A very small percentage of people are born with tiny, barely visible holes above their ears and it is quite interesting when you find out why.

That tiny hole is referred to it as a preauricular sinus. In most cases, it appears only on one side, but it can also appear on both sides. In addition, there may be just one or several tiny holes on or near the ear.

Preauricular sinus appears while the fetus is in the early development stages. In the UK, just under one per cent of people have them. In the US, the frequency is lower, and in Asia and parts of Africa, around four to ten per cent of people may be affected.

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The preauricular sinus is, technically, a hereditary birth defect that was first documented in a study that was published in the US National Library of Medicine by a scientist called Van Heusinger in 1864. However, it is probable that it was around long before that.

It is not known for sure why some people have this tiny hole(s), but according to Business Insider , one evolutionary biologist, Neil Shubin, says the holes could be an “evolutionary remnant of fish gills” from our human kind past.

If you are part of the one per cent with a preauricular sinus, there’s usually nothing to worry about as they don’t often cause any problems. The most likely issue is for the holes to become infected, but that can be easily treated with antibiotics or occasionally surgery can be performed to remove the sinus.

So there we have it, the preauricular sinus is basically just a pre-made piercing (although you definitely should not put jewellery in one) and a good reminder that you are a unique and wonderfully-made human being.

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