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Stranger Records Homeless Man Playing A Flawless Tune On Public Piano.



Being homeless is a problem that is unfortunately very common across the world. While there may be a varying number of reasons as to why some people end up homeless, it’s important to remember that those who are less fortunate are people too. They are like us in more than one way. Like anyone, a homeless person has a history. They have hobbies and talents. The man in this video is an amazing musician. He just happens to be homeless, but that does not hold him back from sharing his beautiful gift with the rest of the world when the chance came up.

The amazingly talented  homeless man captured the attention and hearts of passers-by when he sat down at a public piano and bless them with his skills. The folks were going about their business, and most were leaving an LA Dodgers game. It’s clearly not his first time handling a piano, as his fingers fly across the keys with meticulous skill in the captured footage.

While most people will walk by a homeless person that they see on the street, this man’s incredible talent stopped people in their tracks and had them captivated for a little while. This was something that they could not ignore, and the attention was well-deserved.

The amazing moment of playing is beautiful on its own but serves as an important reminder to every one of us. Those less fortunate deserve to be seen. And if you can, they deserve a bit of help and kindness. Watch his beautiful performance in the video below.