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Fans pray for Oprah Winfrey, 70, after she is hospitalized

Oprah Winfrey recently faced a health scare that kept her from appearing on CBS Mornings to announce her latest book club pick. Over the...

Karen Grassle reveals shocking details about Michael Landon, says he made ‘disgusting’ jokes on the set of Little House

"Little House on the Prairie," a TV series that first aired in 1974, remains beloved by fans worldwide. The show tells the story of...

Single dad helps elderly lady mow her lawn, receives shocking call from her lawyer

Felix, a single dad, was relaxing at home when he heard a lawnmower. Curious, he went outside and found Mrs. McAllister, his elderly neighbor,...

Dog lies beside Gordon Lightfoot’s coffin at memorial service—shows late singer’s love for dogs

The iconic singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot passed away last week at the age of 84. As one of the most successful folk artists of his...

Rita Wilson posts adorable Tom Hanks photo to celebrate 35th wedding anniversary

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson recently celebrated a significant milestone in their lives – their 35th wedding anniversary on April 30. The beloved Hollywood...