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True Love! Elderly Man Learns How To Style His Wife’s Hair After She Suffered

The hearts of many across the internet were melted to mush when the story of a loving husband who went out of his way

Touching Moment Wheelchair-Bound Groom Sees His Beautiful Bride Walking Down The Isle.

We met 10 years ago on a dating website, just a couple of teens messing around on the net. She messaged me first, commenting

Story of Love: Wheelchair Bound Woman Scared Of Getting Heartbroken Again Finds Her True,

“I was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. My parents were told that I wouldn’t live to see my fifth birthday. The doctors were constantly

‘Today I Witnessed a Story of Love’: 60-Year Soulmates Touching Goodbye.

“Today, I witnessed a story of love. Not the type of love shared by young people who are half full of passion, topped off

Teen Turned A ‘Promposal’ Into An Actual Marriage Proposal In An Adorable Viral Video!

“April 21, 2018, that is the day that I got engaged to my best friend. It was our senior prom so that meant hair

Groom’s Jaw Literally DROPS Seeing His Stunning Bride!

“It was amazing watching this day unfold, from laughter, to tears, to jaws literally dropping. When the bride came around the corner, everyone was

These Prom Dates With Special Needs Were Finally Able To Share Their ‘Incredible’ Night.

“’Ciera you are beautiful,’ ‘Ciera, I love you so much,’ ‘Ciera you sing beautifully.’ These are the words of affirmation my daughter hears on

Father Hilariously Intervenes At Daughter’s Marriage Proposal.

“Levi told me we were going to be meeting my parents for breakfast that morning, but he wanted to run our dog, Ace, before

This Couple Had No Photos From Their 1946 Marriage. So They Took These 70

High school sweethearts, Ferris and Margaret Romaire from Louisiana had no pictures from their 1946 wedding day. Not too happy about this fact, their

Husband ‘Caught In The Act’ After 2 Years. Then Wife’s Message Goes Viral.

“Today my husband was “CAUGHT IN THE ACT.” He had a special request for dinner, so I stopped in our nearest grocery store to

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