Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Teen In Horrific Prom Night Crash Saves Lives Of 6 People After Her Death.

“My daughter Kaylie was killed in a horrific car accident on April 27, 2018, on her way to her senior prom. She was my

Brave 6 Year Old Breaks Down As He Recalls The Moment He Saved His

One afternoon, six year old Xander and his father, James McPheeters were outside their home in Salem, Indiana., completing a few household chores. As

Florida Student Emma Gonzalez Delivered a Chilling Speech About Gun Control, Everyone Needs To

America was rocked by yet another mass shooting tragedy last week when a gunman entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Florida and

Football Coach Hailed as Hero After Shielding Students From Bullets in the Florida School

One of the 17 victims in this past Wednesday's mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida was a coach who heroically

Little Girl Who Was Crushed In Horrific Car Accident Miraculously Wakes Up As Doctors

Lacey Jane Ayers, a 3 year old girl from Alabama made a miraculous recovery when she began breathing on her own as doctors prepared

Mom Devastated After 3 Daughters Die In Fire, Then Sees Message Of Hope In

On the Christmas Eve of  2011, Madonna Badger’s  parents went over to her house to celebrate the Christmas with her and her three young

13 Year Old Dies of Suicide After Bullying From Classmates, Which Reportedly Continued Even

Family and friends are mourning the loss of their 13-year-old Rosalie Avila after her parents made the heart-wrenching decision to take her off life

Abandoned Baby-Girl Left in Thorns Unclothed Gets Rescued By Kind Man.

As one man made his way through the streets of Gujarat, India, he heard something that made him stop. An odd sound,like a cry, was

NFL Star Marquise Goodwin Breaks Down During Touchdown Hours After Losing Baby.

Most times, we place our hopes in our athletes and expect them to always deliver a win for us, all the while overlooking the

Miracle Baby Survives Horrible Crash That Killed the Other 4 Family Members in the

A family has been left heartbroken after an accident on I-94 left four young adults dead - but somehow the toddler in the back

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