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Tattoo Artist Restores Nails On Man Who Lost Two Fingertips



Tattoo Artist Restores Nails On Man Who Lost Two Fingertips

Often times, after suffering through terrible accidents or debilitating diseases like cancer, the one thing survivors have left as their battle scars is loss of body parts or  limbs. While they show a great deal of bravery and triumph, sometimes they can be a reminder of indescribable pain.

In a bid to tackle this, Eric Catalano, a tattoo artist for Eternal Ink, in Hecker, Illinois in the USA, is offering out hyper-realistic tattoos all for free! Eric provides the free service for victims and survivors of cancer and amputation, recreating nipples and even fingernails with ink at his studio and we have to say, the results are amazing!

the results are amazing!
The results are amazing!

Eric first started doing his hyper-realistic tattoos as a way to raise awareness for breast cancer month in 2010. He said, soon after, he felt like the tattoos he used to do became just ink and he started working on a way to recreate a lost nipple.

“The awareness raising ‘trend’ was just not enough. So, I got to work on parenting and inventing a micro dermal Implant that sits under the skin and has a silicone areola and nipple magnetised to the top as a way to give women a tangible nipple instead of just raising awareness.” Eric told LADbible.

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After he came up with a way to cover up mastectomy scars with 3D realistic nipples, he started working on new challenges. One of them was a man whose fingers were partially amputated. “This gentleman came to me last week asking for fingernails to be tattooed on his two nubs and I accepted,” he explained – and now the man in question has two amazingly-real looking ‘fingernails!” He said.

Eric’s reputation has now grown and he’s since received thousands of requests for his hyper-real tattoos.

In order to be able to keep providing free tattoos for survivors and victims, Eric has set up a GoFundMe page to aid in costs.

“I would love to continue helping survivors of trauma and cancer feel whole again by offering free services but now that this has taken off the amount of inquiries will be impossible to keep up with if I’m going to be doing my normal tattooing that provides my income. Three or four free tattoos a month to help people is no problem but this has the potential to be 30-60 per month or more if I reply to everyone and it continues. So, I’m faced with charging for my services which I don’t want to do. So, I’ve sought ongoing crowd fundin  He added.