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Teen Gets Tattoo That Plays Voicemail From Late Grandmother.



A Chicago teenager by the name Sakyrah Morris has preserved her late grandmother’s voice with a special sound-wave tattoo which has  been heard by millions across the internet. Ms Morris, who is a singer, can hear a voicemail birthday message left by her late grandmother by simply hovering her smartphone camera over the soundwave tattoo. The personalized tattoos are created by company Skin Motion using a combination of audio processing, image recognition and cloud computing.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Ms Morris revealed she was “extremely close” to her grandmother who passed away in May 2015, a month after she had left her the voice message. She said, “She was always there to support me with school and even more with my singing career,” said the 19-year-old, who was her first born grandchild.

After her grandmother had died, Sakyrah decided to save the voicemail in as many places as she could and later decided to invest in a sound-wave tattoo. She said, “About a month ago while working on one of my songs, I started to observe the sound waves on the screen and I thought that it would be great for me to get a tattoo of one with my grandmother’s voicemail.”

“After doing some research, I came across a new company called Skin Motion. Their app allows you to link the image of your tattoo to the audio of your choice, so that when you hold your camera over the tattoo, the audio will play the message. They have a list of tattoo artists that are able to execute this type of tattoo. I found an artist named Shane Ryder at Ritual Addictions Tattoo Shop in Arizona, and he did an amazing job with it.” She added.

On 3rd of January, Sakyrah posted a video of her sound-wave tattoo and it has since racked up about six million views and touched many hearts. She said, “The response that we’ve both been getting has been amazing. So many people are now inspired to save messages from their loved ones so that one day they will be able to get a similar tattoo. I am extremely grateful to see how my grandmother’s voicemail has affected people all over the world. It is truly overwhelming, but I could not be happier with this experience. Her voice will forever be across my heart.”