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Teen in Near-Fatal Accident Finally Walks Again On Her Graduation



Graduations are special occasions, and for Allie Gilkerson, it was especially exhilarating. She was excited to be graduating after all the hard work she had put into her education.

But Allie wasn’t like her fellow graduates who would easily walk across the stage. She was in a wheelchair after an accident that nearly took her life. Nevertheless, she still had to receive her diploma.

The night before her senior year, Allie was involved in a motorcycle crash on State Route 152, West Virginia. The accident was so serious that she almost died. Her injuries were so severe that it was thought that she might end up brain dead.

After being admitted to Pittsburgh Hospital for seven months, Allie was finally discharged. Her family and friends offered her overwhelming support during her recovery. Brittani Gilkerson, her sister, was one of her main encouragers. She always knew that Allie would pull through and make a recovery.

After many physiotherapy sessions, Allie finally took her first steps 18 months after the crash. While she wasn’t able to walk unaided, this was a huge improvement from her previous condition.

When she was fit enough to attend classes, Allie returned to Wayne High School. She had to adjust to her new wheelchair life as she went around her usual business in the school.

Norma, Allie’s mother, had opened a Facebook page after the crash where she documented her progress. As graduation day drew close, an emotional Normal updated that Allie was about to walk again.

On graduation day, Allie walked across the stage with an aide to receive her diploma. This heartwarming achievement was encouraged by her classmates with rounds of applause and encouragement.

Allie is now set to continue her education at West Virginia University, according to an update on her personal Facebook page.

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