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Teen mom passes moment after grandma snaps a photo of her holding her smiling newborn



Newborns bring instant love into our lives and give us amazing moments to remember, but for one grandma this wonderful occasion was filled with heartache.

On September 9, Abbie Hallawell welcomed her first grandson, Parker John, into this world. But sadly her 17-year-old daughter, Teegan Barnard, was left brain-dead.

Teegan gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 9lb 90z but developed serious birth complications and suffered cardiac arrest. Sadly she passed a few weeks later.

Baby Parker will be raised by his father and grandma.

Abbie said that she will do everything possible to make sure her grandson knows how much his mother loved him.

She said: “She would have been the best mummy in the world. She had so much love for him.”

“I miss her so much, it’s unbearable. I can’t imagine the future without her — I’d do anything to have her back.”

Abbie made sure Teegan held her baby in her arms during her final moments. She even took photos to show to Parker as he grows up.

She said: “Seeing Parker in his mummy’s arms where he belongs has been so important to me.”

The heartbroken grandma captured a photo of Parker smiling while lying next to his mother in her final moments.

“I put them together at every possible moment,” Abbie says. “Now she has gone, we dress Parker in vests with his mum’s picture on. I want to keep her close to him always.”

My prayers go to Teegan’s family as they try to come to terms with their loss. I’m glad Parker will grow up knowing how much his mother loved him.

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