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Teen Who Won Homecoming Queen Turned Around, Removed Her Crown And Gave It Away.



In a truly inspiring turn of events, this school in Florida ended their year with not one, but two homecoming queens—and the reason may just move you to tears. This story shows the true meaning of friendship as well as what can be achieved when someone loves with their whole heart.

The incident took place at Viera High School where 17 year old Jazzmin Samuels, a girl living with cerebral palsy, was sincerely hoping that she would win the title of homecoming queen.

Jazzmin is a beautiful young girl who is confined to a wheelchair and while she cannot physically speak, she is not mentally handicapped in any way. She was hoping to win the the crown not only as a great way to end the school year but also to stand up to bullies who never really understood her condition.

But when the announcement came, Jazzmin was not the winner. Instead, fellow student Caia Gillet won the crown. When Caia received her crown however, she knew that she was not the only winner there that night. For that reason, she proudly gave her crown to Jazzmin. This, of course, made Jazzmin’s night and she was completely grateful and thankful. She said, “I couldn’t believe it, it was awesome”.

With that, the school year ended on a fantastic note and many walked away feeling happy and extremely pleased for both homecoming queens.

See the heartfelt footage below and if you were moved by this act of kindness, share it with your friends and family.


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