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The Real Purpose of This Part of the Chopsticks Will Leave You in Shock



For the food lovers who love Japanese or Chinese food you may have used chopsticks on several occassions. At some Asian restaurants you may be given non-disposable chopsticks. Majority of us who have used the disposable chopstics are familiar with that little tab at the end.

We always break the sticks apart, coupled with rubbing them together to remove any loose splinters, and proceed to chow down the delectable sushi or that sumptuous dumpling you ordered from the local Japanese restaurant. But what if you’ve been wrong all your life and learned that there’s actually a purpose for that little tab there?

That little part at the end was not placed there to keep those sticks together. The chopsticks are not meant to be broken apart just yet without doing this first, important (clever) step that Twitter user Trash Panda discovered.

Seen the image below and learn a new trick:

Honestly no one would have thought that that little part at the end of the stick would be useful? The tab needs to be separated from the chopsticks and then it doubles up as a chopsticks holder.

The tab offers you a nice place to put your stick while enjoying your meal. This should keep the table clean and the chopsticks as well.


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