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There is a Sanctuary in Hawaii Where You Can Cuddle Hundreds of Fluffy Cats.



Lanai Cat Sanctuary is a little piece of paradise in the Pacific Ocean. The Sanctuary is home to almost five hundred cats that are just waiting to be cuddled. Seeing as all of the cats in the sanctuary are free to wander around as they please, the sanctuary offers 25,000 square-feet of pure, feline fun. If you happen to fall in love with one particular kitty, even better, All of the cats are up for adoption. Unlike in a shelter, though, there’s no pressure to adopt because the ones that don’t find a home just spend their lives happily relaxing in Club Kitty.

Entry is free, though donations are appreciated. The center is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day in shine or shine (because it’s Hawaii).

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source: WOMAN’S DAY

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