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These Rare 11 Year Old Albino Twins are Taking Over the Internet One Perfect Photo At A Time.



Lara and Mara Bawar of Brazil have always been different. Born with much less melanin than most, these albino sisters are no strangers to stares. Everywhere they go, people look. There is no denying the captivating beauty that these to girls were blessed with.

Passerbys, friends and family cannot deny the hypnotizing allure of these young ladies and nor can the fashion industry. Thanks to photographer, Vinicius Terranova, Lara and Mara are making their way to the big leagues where red carpet and runways rule their days.

At just 11-years-old, these Brazilian girls are making waves, shining spotlight on some of mother nature’s less common seen works of art.

Lara and Mara are albino. Lacking pigment in their skin, those who are born albino have to be careful of sun exposure. Although this trait can make going outside on a sunny day a bit of an ordeal, one thing is for sure, these young women with porcelain colored skin, are absolutely stunning.

The Chances Of Being Born Albino Are 1 In 17,000. So that makes having albino twins, next to impossible. Their rare beauty Is capturing the sight Of artists & designers alike. Lara & Mara have already landed a few deals.

It seems as though, modeling just comes naturally to these two totally gorgeous young women. The Bawar twins are owning their differences and SLAYING the game.

The Bawar Twins aren’t alone. Their older sister, who is blessed with an extraordinarily beautiful dose of melanin, is not light-skinned like her twin sisters but has earned a few modeling deals herself.

This Is Sheila, Lara & Mara’a older sister. She also has caught the attention of photographers and designers as well.

Unlike the twins, her skin is a rich chocolate brown, but the Bawar sisters all boast very similar facial features.

What a beautiful family!

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