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This 2 Year Old Girl’s Adorable Reaction To A Movie Is Making The Internet Emotional!



A good film can make you feel all kinds of emotions. So whether you’re a fan of Disney or just love a good comedy, it’s fair to say that throughout the experience, you’ll feel a mixture of different feelings. And this is a truly magical thing, as it makes us feel more human and lets us relate more to the material that we’re watching. To feel this way means that the film director and actors have done an excellent job.

To prove this point, we’ve provided the most adorable little video below which shows a two-year-old girl watching an animation film. From the get-go, you see this little girl with tears in her eyes as she watches the TV intensely. And that’s when her mother persists to ask her why she’s crying in a concerning and worrying fashion.

The little one responds by saying that the character in the film has fallen down and for that reason, she’s very sad. And even though she is an absolute darling for feeling empathy for the character, the true reason as to why she is crying is revealed moments later, and it’ll warm up your entire heart! It’s one of those magical moments that this parent will be glad she caught on camera one day!

Give this too-cute-for-words video clip a watch, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you can relate to this little girl’s adorable reason for crying, then you are most certainly invited to join the club! Additionally, don’t forget to share this truly wonderful moment with your nearest and dearest—especially those who have lovely children of their own.


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