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This Adorable Siberian Albino Girl Is Being Nicknamed ‘Snow White’



An eight-year-old girl named Nariyana is receiving lots of attention these days for her striking pale complexion and fair features. Born to a family of Siberian heritage, Nariyana’s ethnic roots trace back to Yakut lineage. With a family of raven-haired siblings and parents, little Nariyana stands out with her porcelain skin and white blonde hair.

So much so that people have a hard time believing that she is related to her 14 year old sister, Karina. Her parents Elena and Albert say she is the first albino born into the family on both sides.

Her striking looks have commanded multiple offers from modeling agencies and they continue to flood in.

Although her family say she’s open to the offers, she still just wants to play with her toys and make art.

Her mother says she’s not in any rush to push her daughter into the modeling world, even though Nariyana likes the idea. For now, she’s content just being a regular kid.

“When she grows up, she’ll choose who she wants to be for herself,” Elena said to The Daily Mail.

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