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This Beautiful Illustrations Will Remind Us That We Are Never Alone



How many times have you felt you are alone in this world? No one is helping you fight the many battles you face. Well, you should know one thing, GOD is always there. You do not walk this earth by yourself. You are not meant to fight battles solo, or to always count on your own strength to carry you through. Because sometimes you will not feel strong. Sometimes you will not be able to pick yourself up. Sometimes you will feel so tired, even lifting your head from the pillow is an accomplishment. And on those hard days, I want you to know that someone is fighting for you. Someone has, and always will be fighting for you.

Accept Jesus in your life, let Him in, allow Him to fight your battles. Let Him strengthen your heart and show you the sun, the warmth, the light again. Let Him hold you until you stop shaking. Let Him soothe your anxieties and drown out your insecurities. Let Him show you that you don’t have to be scared to live anymore.

You are not alone. You have never been alone.

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