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This Sweet Dog Was Abandoned Due to His Deformed Face.



When Picasso was the only dog that remained, his breeder took him to an animal shelter, the Porterville Animal Shelter in California, where he was put in the waiting list for euthanisation, all simply because he looked different from other dogs. The ten month old bubbly dog was born with facial abnormalities that had most families looking to adopt go right past him every time.  While the poor dog waited at the animal shelter to die, the Luvable Dog Rescue came in to save the day. While speaking to the Huffington Post,  Liesl Wilhardt, the executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue said, “Picasso is outgoing, happy, curious, and loving. He’s so unaware of how different he is.”

Liesl discovered Picasso when she asked a volunteer at the animal shelter if they had any “unusual-looking or special needs dogs,” and she received Picasso’s shelter photo. “He was curled in a dog bed, and looked very sad,” Liesl told The Dodo. “His twisted face was startling, but he had soft and gentle eyes, and for me, it was love at first sight!”

Picasso’s brother was also at the animal shelter with him, also waiting to be put to death when the time came, after the family that had adopted him brought him back because they did not want to keep him anymore. As soon as Liesl learned that they were both going to be euthanised, she adopted them right away. She also gave them new names—Pablo and Picasso.

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Liesl told The Dodo, “I could not imagine leaving the brother behind to die. So I checked with Ashley, our Luvable manager, to be sure we had the space for both, and then told Shannon [a Porterville Animal Shelter volunteer] to pull them off the euthanasia list–Luvable would take both boys.”

The private rescue shelter has received a huge amount of messages and adoption requests for these special dogs, but according to the shelter’s website, Picasso will first need dental surgery before they make any final decisions about their forever home. They plan to place the brothers with a new family together. Liesl revealed, “Picasso and Pablo seem to be the best of friends and are really upset when separated from each other. We hope they find a happy home together!”


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