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“Three of Hearts” : Sweet Little Girls Defy All Odds To Celebrate Their 1st Birthday.



"Three of Hearts" : Sweet Little Girls Defy All Odds To Celebrate Their 1st Birthday.

“Meet our “Three of Hearts.” Cate, Harper & Mae are the sweetest little girls you will ever meet, and they just turned one! They all happen to have Down syndrome, and when you see their big personalities and beautiful smiles, you’ll realize that they definitely rock their “designer genes.”

The girls were all born three days in a row, and they each underwent major heart surgeries at Boston Children’s Hospital in their first few months of life to repair congenital heart defects.

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All three babies spent a significant part of their first year of life in the hospital under the care of a medical team, and now these heart warriors are thriving and happy as they celebrate their first birthdays!

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When we discovered that these heart warriors were all turning one the same week, we knew we had to do something special to celebrate.

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So we planned a “Three of Hearts” cake smash for the birthday babies. They LOVED their cake and we got so many giggles and frosting-covered smiles from them!

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Each of these baby girls is also a breastfeeding champion, and was able to re-initiate breastfeeding after heart surgery. Many families who have a child with Down syndrome are advised not to bother breastfeeding their little one due to low muscle tone and other complications associated with Down syndrome, but these little girls defied the odds.


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World Breastfeeding Week is August 1-7, so it’s the perfect time to share their story about reimagining life with Down syndrome and congenital heart defects!”


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