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“Today My Husband Was “CAUGHT IN THE ACT.”



“Today my husband was “CAUGHT IN THE ACT.” He had a special request for dinner, so I stopped in our nearest grocery store to pick up the items needed. As I was looking for a spot in the express checkout, I noticed someone with a uniform similar to my husband’s (common for our location).

I saw this person weaving & bobbing as I was 2 people behind in line. His arm covering his face while stooped behind the register, I focused on the guy wondering “why’s this guy hiding?” looked into their eyes & noticed it was my husband!!!

He was TRYING TO HIDE from me!! As if I didn’t already know his secret!! You see, the past 2 years my husband has made a point to give me a dozen roses each Friday. I’ve always known they came from the floral dept (one day a cashier congratulated me for getting roses every week while he and I were shopping together).

When our eyes finally locked-still a couple people between us in line-we both had the biggest smiles on our faces, we laughed under our breath & didn’t say a word to each other. He paid & left.

The moral of the story is: after working a 12 hour shift on a hot Louisiana day he STILL found the energy to appreciate me. NO EXCUSES MADE! Men, it doesn’t take much to show a woman your love~most of us love small gestures~Women, don’t ever reject a man’s efforts.

It doesn’t always have to be white linen tablecloths🥂& candles. Women: BE appreciative•Men: BE consistent with staying consistent. If he brought me a rock every Friday, I’m starting a rock collection If he wants to sell ice cream, I’m scooping however he chooses to express his love, I’m accepting.”


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