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Toddler Battling Lung Cancer Miraculously ‘Rose From The Dead’



Dylan Askin was only three years old when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The little boy was put on chemotherapy and his prognosis was looking up, but one day while he was in school, he collapsed suddenly and had to be rushed to the hospital. It was then that the doctors informed Dylan’s parents that his lungs had collapsed.

An infection set in and Dylan’s heart rate raced at 200 beats per minute. Little Dylan had to be put on life support but things were not looking good for the young boy, there was no hope that he would ever recover. After a series of intense discussions and heartbreaking decisions, Dylan’s parents decided to remove him from life support.

They had Dylan baptized and proceeded to remove him from life support. However, when the plug was pulled,the devastated parents noticed something strange had happened. Dylan began to move his legs! Doctor’s checked his stats and found that the boy wasn’t entirely brain dead. In fact, he had enough life in his brain to make a full recovery!

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