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Touching Moment Star Footballer Surprises His Mom And Disabled Sister With A New House After Signing A $20 Million Deal



For most children, one of the main motivating factors is the ability to give their family a good and comfortable life when they become successful.  And this was just the case in this sweet story of a doting son and affectionate older brother.  Marquise Goodwin surprised both his mother and sister when he gifted them with a brand new home.

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver  thought this would be the perfect gift for his family after the 49ers rewarded him with a three-year, $20 million contract extension in the off-season following a breakout 2017 season.

Goodwin and his family have had to go through some very tough moments in their lives. According to ESPN, his younger sister, Deja, has cerebral palsy and doctors had said she would not be able to survive past 6 months old.

Goodwin and his wife, Morgan, suffered a major heartbreak when they lost their baby boy when Morgan had a miscarriage. Soon after, about a month later, his father died.

Goodwin credits his mom, Tamina, as the source of constant strength in his life. She always motivated him to struggle and succeed in his athletic and sporting aspirations despite all the challenges they had to go through.

So when his break through came along, he went out of his way to make sure his mom and sister had something to smile about by giving them the one thing he knew they needed. He set up a plan to surprise them with a beautiful house!

He had both of them blindfolded as he took them up the driveway of their new home, then as he took off the blindfold from his mother’s eyes, she is  immediately overwhelmed with emotion and hugs her son in a heartwarming embrace.

In a video posted to Goodwin’s Instagram page, he captioned it, “I know mama… I can feel your energy in this video! All the obstacles WE have overcome… Man…I love you so much mama… thank you for EVERYTHING! Especially blessing me with a sis like my Deja!!!’”

Goodwin further revealed that his younger sister was a major source of inspiration to him, “If Deja wasn’t my sister, I feel like I would still be motivated but not in the way that I am today. Having a disabled sister, that’s a lot more motivation, especially when she tells you growing up that she wishes she can be out there with the kids playing and she wishes she can be out there running around.” He said.

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