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Two men save a stranger trapped by fire while others allegedly stayed put recording



Two young men have been called heroes after risking their lives to save a stranger trapped by a fire.

One Sunday afternoon, Marcus Harvey and his friend Tre Jones were walking around in the neighborhood when they smelled smoke nearby.

They noticed a house was on fire. Shockingly, people were in the yard filming while screams could be heard coming from the burning house.
Marcus and Tre knew they had to help. So they swung into action, kicked the door open, releasing smoke and allowing oxygen into the house that fed the fire.

They knew they had to act fast. Since screams could be heard, Marcus and Tre followed the screams and found a 56-year-old man on the floor. They quickly carried him out to safety.

As per reports, 56-year-old, Guy Tarlton, had been cooking dinner and fell asleep. As he was sleeping, grease and food in the kitchen ignited, setting the house ablaze.

The two heroes had never been in Guy’s home before. When they busted the door open, they weren’t even sure if they could reach him in time.

The rescue team arrived and took Guy to the hospital for treatment. At last check, he was in critical but stable condition. Members of the Marion community have called Marcus and Tre heroes after risking their lives to save Guy.

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We wish Guy Tarlton a Quick recovery.

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