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Two-time ‘Survivor’ contestant Keith Nale passes away at 62, family confirms—rest in peace


Keith Nale, known for appearing on the reality TV show Survivor twice, has passed away at 62 after a short battle with cancer. His son, Wes Nale, shared the sad news with Entertainment Tonight, revealing that his father had been fighting the illness since January.

Wes confirmed that Keith’s battle with cancer was brief, lasting only a few months before his passing. The reality star’s death has left family, friends, and fans mourning his loss. “He passed away this afternoon,” Wes said. “He’d been battling cancer for the past few months and we found out about it in January.”


Kevin, Keith Nale’s brother, expressed his grief over the untimely passing, mentioning how swiftly cancer took his life. Keith passed away at his residence in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Before becoming a reality TV star, Keith worked as a firefighter. He gained popularity on the show Survivor: San Juan del Sur, where family members competed against each other. In 2014, Keith participated in the show alongside his son Wes and reached the final four.

During a 2014 interview with UpRoxx, Keith discussed his experience competing on Survivor in his 50s. He mentioned that his fellow firefighters were impressed with his participation at the age of 53. Although not extremely old, it was certainly not as young as many other contestants.


Keith’s colleagues were supportive, rooting for him to win the competition and represent Louisiana. Unfortunately, he did not emerge as the winner, but his efforts were still appreciated by many.

Keith Nale’s popularity with Survivor fans led to his selection for a “second chance” season, Survivor: Cambodia. In this season, the 62-year-old finished in fifth place, getting eliminated just before the final Tribal Council. Keith had shared that a primary motivation for participating in the show was to spend quality time with his son.

Following his passing, fans were quick to honor the former firefighter, who enjoyed hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and golfing. His presence on the show and his memorable moments will be cherished by many.

Fans expressed their grief over Keith Nale’s passing on social media. A Twitter user highlighted Keith’s unique personality and entertaining presence on Survivor, stating that he was pivotal to the show’s golden era and would be remembered fondly. They wished Keith a peaceful rest.

“Devastated to hear of the passing of Keith Nale, a truly iconic Survivor character. His uniqueness, entertainment & hilarity were pivotal to a golden era that solidified my super fandom. I’ll always look fondly on his place in the show’s history & its family. Rest well Keith“

Another user conveyed their admiration for Keith, acknowledging him as a legendary Survivor contestant and extending sincere prayers to his family. A third person also paid tribute, describing Keith as a wonderful human being and noting that his inspiring nature would be remembered forever.

A second said: “Loved watching you #KeithNale. May you be always be remembered as a legendary #Survivor by those who love the show. My most sincere prayers for your family.“

“Rest in peace keith nale, what a wonderful human being i will forever be inspired by him,” a third added.

Rest in peace, Keith Hale!