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Unconditional Mother’s Love, 101 Year Old Woman Takes Care of Disabled 63 Year Old Son.



She is 101 years old, but all she wishes for is a long life so she can continue taking care of her 63 year old son who is disabled. Their story went viral after a picture of them was posted on Facebook. Madam Meliah Diah never rested at her age because she nursed her son Abdul Rahman Saud.

She did it all on her own since her husband passed away 22 years earlier. Ever since Abdul was a child, Diah has always fed him, gave him baths and cleaned him up after he stools and rolled him out to get sunshine every day, it’s something she has not stopped doing for the major part of her life.

“The seizures he suffered as a child caused him to be like this. He can only lie on his front and move about bit by bit. He loves to eat fried chicken and rice. We only have each other. I hope I don’t die before him because there would be nobody to take care of him.” Diah said, according to The Metro.

Even in her age where most people tend to lose their memory, she never forgot her son’s name, neither did she forget to attend to him.

Unfortunately, Diah died in August, 2015 at her niece’s home in Kampung Bukit Nambua and in her last moments her son was there, right by her side. Her niece, Siti Jaleha, said her family would now care for Abdul Rahman the way Diah did all her life. A mother’s love is indeed unconditional.

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