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Unlucky Thieves Accidentally Suck Out Sewage While Trying To Siphon Gas from a Bus



Getting a mouthful of shit sounds like a good enough payment for trying to steal gas, right? Well, this is what happened to some unlucky thieves who targeted the wrong hole and had no idea until it was too late.

Finding out that someone has siphoned gas out of your car is extremely annoying. It is one of the oldest crimes that are still widely practiced to date. This is especially why this story is every bit satisfying to motorists who have suffered this fate.

Some optimistic Australian fellas saw the perfect opportunity when they saw a tour bus packed. The darkness gave them the perfect cover. So they crept around the bus and saw the tank that they were looking for.

They swiftly inserted a pipe into the tank and sucked away.

Siphoning is a skill; you got to know the exact moment to stop sucking so that the content doesn’t flow into your mouth. But it seemed like these geniuses were newbies in the game.

They sucked away till they had a mouthful of the tank’s content. This got them scrambling away in disappointment.

Unlike other buses such as school buses, tour buses have two large tanks – for onboard bathroom activities and gas. It does look like the thieves may not have been aware of this fact.

The first people at the scene said they found the sewage tank cap off, but no gas had been siphoned. From the situation, the thieves must have made a hasty retreat after their misfortune.

The story was published in the local dailies. Lavert Police department posted a photo of the newspaper story on the incident. The officers informed everyone that they had no intention of getting the stolen goods back.

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