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Viral Photo Captures Precious Bond Between Soccer Star and 1-Year-Old Fan



Viral Photo Captures Precious Bond Between Soccer Star and 1-Year-Old Fan

It is a very beautiful thing when we learn to appreciate and celebrate the things that make us different. And sometimes, it’s very special when we find people who have the same uniqueness we possess. It is like a silent reassurance that we are not alone.

That is the case in this incredible viral photo that is melting hearts across the world. The picture captured the amazing moment a little boy found someone just like him instantly gaining a new hero.

22-month-old Joseph Tidd was born with a partially-formed left arm.

His parents, Miles & Colleen Tidd, are determined to make sure their child grows up with confidence and pride in himself. They want their son to love and appreciate everything that makes him different and unique.

Last month, the family attended an Orlando Pride soccer game. They were  so thrilled to see one player in particular, Carson Pickett, who, like their son, was born without a left forearm and hand.

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“Carson believes she can do anything, and that is the mindset we want Joseph to have as well,” Miles told Today.

Joseph enjoyed watching the game, but it was a moment after the game that really made a difference and struck a chord in the hearts of many.

After the game, Carson Pickett came up to the family in the stands, and “fist bumped” an ecstatic Joseph. Thankfully, Colleen Tidd remembered to quickly grab her camera and was able to capture the precious moment for all of us.

“In those situations, I want to be in the moment. But then I realized, ‘Well, this is adorable.’” Colleen told the Washington Post.

The sweet photo has been liked over 7,000 times on Instagram and has been widely shared online.

The Tidds had actually been introduced to Carson back in April during the Pride’s home opener. Colleen and Joseph spent a half hour bonding after the game.

“It took a minute for him to realize, ‘Wow, we’ve got the same arms,’ and then he just giggled. You could see it hit him, and then they were best friends after that.” Colleen told the Post.


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SWEETEST REACTION 💜🧡💜🧡 . . I wanted to share this quick clip from our meeting with Carson the other day. For anyone who has asked “do they really know their different”, just watch this video. . . You can see the moment that Joseph pauses, the look on his face changes…he is thinking hard as he’s studying Carson’s arm. Then the joy that washes over him as he realizes “she’s just like me”. The smile and giggle followed by the unprompted desire to show his arm to Carson. . . This was the moment I love to see when those with a lucky fin connect. We have been lucky enough to see this several times at our lucky fin meet ups with other kids and adults. If you haven’t had a chance to attend a local meet up, go check out the Facebook page for your local chapter for more info. We will be at the Central Florida meet up for those in the Orlando area. . . Here are some pictures from the local news story with Carson on Tuesday. The link to the interview with Joseph and Carson is in our Bio. We even bumped into Bo Outlaw which made for an awesome picture with little Joseph. . . #luckyfinfamily #orlandopride #orlandomagic #booutlaw #tenfingersareoverrated #fox35 #fox35orlando #localnews #locals #heros #mentors #happiness #purehappiness #understand #bond #preciousmoments #heknows #coolarm #joy #giggles #newfriends #centralflorida #proud #limbdifferenceawareness #limbdifferenceawarenessmonth #biggerthansoccer #biggerthanbasketball

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The football player also revealed that she loves any opportunity to inspire someone. “I have the ability to impact a lot of people. My parents tell me all the time to use the platform God gave me. I can use my arm for something greater than myself. I’m able to impact so many kids and people who may not see a way out. It doesn’t have to impact them through soccer. To see that I am succeeding in life and happy in life can go a long way for some people.” she told The Guardian last year.

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