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Viral Pictures Show Adorable Twins Celebrating Their 100th Birthday!



To have a twin is a true blessing, but to have a twin that is able to celebrate all the milestones in your life, including your 100th birthday, well, that’s just a miracle. Identical twin sisters Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi know that this is a huge deal and decided to do the most adorable thing to celebrate.

Brazilian photographer Camila Lima captured the duo in an incredible photo shoot that featured the sisters decked out in amazing tooled skirts, driving around a pink car and, most importantly, embracing each other in hugs that radiate 100 years of companionship and affection.

“I had never met anyone 100-years-old, let alone twins! I got in touch with their family and offered the photo shoot as a gift,” Lima told “We were all excited, and they put on beautiful dresses, did their hair and came to the capital to take the pictures.”

These Brazilian women have more to celebrate than their age. According to Lima, Paulina has six children, 19 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Maria has five children, 12 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. In her lifetime Paulina has also overcome cancer and two heart-attacks. Amazing!

The ultimate gift these two have to be grateful for? Each other. After all, very few people can say they’ve spent 100 years on earth with another person. Needless to say, their special connection shines in the photos. This is shoot totally stunning. Just check these cuties out:


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