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Viral Video: Little Girl’s Sweet Reaction When Her Mom Told Her They Ate All Her Candies.



An incredibly adorable video of a little girl’s sweet reaction to her mother’s prank is going viral across the internet, melting hearts and leaving a good number of people in tears! On Facebook, the Daily Mail uploaded a video of a child being told by her mother that she and dad had eaten all her candies the previous night. “This girl has the sweetest reaction to her mother’s prank,” read the caption of the video.

While it was just a prank, nobody would have expected the response the baby girl gave. In the video, the mother said, “Jona, mommy and daddy have something very important to tell you.”
“What?” the little girl responded.
“We’re very sorry, but last night we ate all of your candy! We ate it all!” the mother asked. The baby girl hesitates just a little, as her mom’s word sunk in, and then oh so sweetly said,
“I still love you,” Jona answered.

“You what?” the mom asked again.
“I still love you,” the little girl said as she giggles.
The mother then revealed that it was all a prank. Then the kid said, “Oh, you can have some.”
“Awww, baby, you’re the best girl,” the mom expressed.
Watch the adorable video below:


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