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Waiter Refuses To Serve Diner Who Made a Rude Comment About a Child With Special Needs.



Kim Castillo and her 5 year old son, Milo Castillo were out with her family in a restaurant called Laurenzo’s enjoying dinner. As usual the waiters were all happy to see the family and especially little Milo, who has Down Syndrome. However, just as the family was taking their seats in a booth, the family in the adjacent booth, got up and decided to move tables.

The server of that table, Michael Garcia, did not think much of the family moving, until he heard a particularly disparaging comment. One of the family members said, “Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.” Michael was not about to tolerate this insensitive behavior and such a cruel remark, likening it to the family rejecting someone due to their skin color.

Michael immediately put his job at risk as he stood up for little Milo, and told the family that he would not serve them,even after they claimed they would leave, Michael still stood his ground.Even though the Castillo family is familiar with Michael,they admit that they had not expected him to put his job on the line by standing up for little Milo, and for that they would be forever grateful.

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