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Watch: Man Gives Coat Off Of His Back To ‘Homeless Man’ In Freezing Birmingham Winter.



A kind man jumped out of his car in the extremely cold weather yesterday so that he could give his coat to a man who appeared to be homeless near The Summit shopping center in Birmingham. The now viral video captured by an onlooking woman by the name Briana Rose DiGiorgio, has millions of viewers in tears after witnessing such a beautiful show of humanity and absolute kindness.

In the touching Facebook post, Briana Rose DiGiorgio  wrote, “Witnessed this man giving a homeless man the shirt off of his back, literally,”

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“Y’all, it is freezing cold in Alabama,” she added. “This poor man was standing at a red light desperately trying to stay warm. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the guy proceeding to tell him that he was going to get him something to eat and that he’d be right back. I was in tears. This is the kind of people we need more of in this world. This is absolutely beautiful.”

Watch below: