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What This Dad Did When His Child Revealed She Doesn’t Love Herself Will Have You in Tears..



“I am going to share one of the many reasons why I am so in love with my husband… Yesterday, I was joking around with Riley and telling her everyone I love: ‘I love Riley, I love Gavin, I love Grayson’, etc.

Riley then looked at me and went, ‘Do you love yourself?’ I immediately said, ‘Of course I do, you always have to love yourself! Do you love yourself?’ Riley responded very softly, ‘No.’

I was a bit taken aback and said, ‘What do you mean you don’t love yourself?’ To which she uttered my worst fear, ‘I don’t love myself because I don’t have hair.’ (Riley has Alopecia; and we hope to raise her to be strong, confident, and loved.)

Fast forward to later that night, when we got home. Dave wanted to talk to her about what she had said… this was the result. I LOVE this man with all my heart.

(Riley is currently over being upset about having no hair, minor bump in the road of life!) We want her to know it’s ok to sometimes get upset, but that she is strong and beautiful—no matter what!”