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What This Guy Does for this Homeless Single Father is Just Amazing!



Here’s one of those stories that will make your heart beam when you’re having doubts about your own spiritual journey. James, a single father, and his son became homeless after moving from New York to Denver. After two days of being homeless, James was interviewed by TV host, Leon Logothetis during the host’s #GoBeKindTour.

James’s demeanor during the interview is an inspiring one, as he remains grounded and full of love, even when talking about his struggles. James told Leon, “you have to be brought down to your humblest point so you can appreciate other things that are waiting for you.” And when James was asked how he was able to keep his sense of joy and spirit during his tough situation, he replied, “two things: my son fuels the fire, and the metafusion of meditation and prayer, knowing that there is a higher power.”

During the interview, James described his situation as simply being what it was, and when he talked about the future, he used the words, “when I get situated,” knowing with certainty that everything would work itself out. If you live your life with a conscious mind, what happened next should be no surprise for you.

Leon gave James $1,000, as well as the funds for him and his son to stay in a hotel for the next week. James was consumed by gratitude, but little did he know, the gifts would not end there. In addition, Leon started an Indie Go Go campaign for James and his son that raised $15,000 in just 24 hours.

Voilà! When you continue to ride the wave, even during those not so fun times, the universe will continue to provide. “To anybody out there that feels like they want to crumble, just keep going, it’s not worth it, don’t let it consume you.”-James

If you want to donate to the strapping lad and his adorable son, click here. (There’s a picture of two of the most epic smiles there as well). Ask. Believe. Receive.


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