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Widower Gets Miracle After He Mistakenly Spent Dollar Bill Signed By His Late Wife.



Every so often God sends miracles our way to better our days however big or small they maybe.  Peter Bilello, originally from Sicily, was working in America in the early 1960s. Once while on a trip back home, Peter’s mom introduced him to a young lady by the name Grace and suggested the pair get married. Peter did just that and the newly married couple moved to America to settle down in Harford, Connecticut. The happy couple had two children and eventually four grandchildren – life was going just perfectly.

After a long time together, Peter came up with a cute way of symbolizing their deep love for one another. He signed his name on a one dollar bill and Grace signed her name on another bill. In an interview with WTNH News, Peter explained, “Then I put them in my wallet. And I said, ‘These dollars are going to be in my wallet forever.'”

However, five years later, Peter mistakenly spent the two bills. He said, “I feel so mad, I feel sorry. I said, ‘I was never going to see those two dollars back again.'”

Unfortunately, just a few months after celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, Grace lost her battle to breast cancer. Peter was left devastated and heartbroken, the love of his life had passed away and left him all alone.

In an unlikely turn of events, seven months after Grace passed on, Peter experienced a miracle that he very much needed.  He was at a local restaurant with his granddaughter when Peter was handed a reminder that Grace was still with him – a reminder which literally took his breath away! Right in his hand, was the one dollar bill his beloved late wife had signed!

Peter could not believe what he was looking at! He was totally beside himself with unmatched joy! He even went to the cemetery to let  his wife Grace know what had happened. He knew it was a message from her. Here is the amazing story!